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Bird Nest Removal

Birds find an easy way to build their nests inside exhaust vents, this creates a number of IAQ problems, increased energy consumption, and creates a potential fire hazard. Lint is the primary culprit for obstructing the air flow inside dryer vent, bird nests are often the prime problem. The warm air from the dryer creates a pleasant spot for a nest of birds, but this cozy hideout for small creatures is a dangerous situation for homeowners.

Bird nest in dryer vent Ashburn VA
Bird nest dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA

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Birds prefer constructing their homes in places which are secure from predators. Unfortunately for homeowners, one of these places includes dryer vents. A bird nest can be as long as two feet in length, which means it can easily obstruct the flow of air, which can be dangerous for many reasons. Special tools are needed to remove the nest, as well as any material which may have collected within it. The biggest danger of bird nests within ducts is a fire, which can potentially destroy your home.

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We called 2 other companies and never heard back after a bird had made a nest in and subsequently got stuck in our dryer vent. Not only did these guys come out within 2 hours, they were quick, professional and replaced our crappy duct that we had been using and installed a grate so no more birds got stuck in our dryer vent! I cannot recommend them enough!!!!!!

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